We offer a quality service. We will give you a clear indication at the beginning of your case how much your costs will be.

In straightforward cases we can offer fixed fees. Our fees only cover the costs of preparing and making the application. Should an appeal or challenge be necessary we will agree separate fees with you. We will require payment on account upon instruction and accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

We provide competitive fees for immigration services and our fees are as follows, with VAT only applicable where indicated.

Ankara Agreement visa:

ECAA Application in the UK (Ankara Agreement) £1,200 plus VAT

(plus £300 plus VAT for each dependant)

Family and Private Life

Entry Clearance Application £1100 – £1500 (plus £300 for each dependant)
Leave to Remain Application £1000- £1250 (plus £300 for each dependant) plus VAT
Adult Dependent Relative £2200

British Citizenship and Settlement

Indefinite Leave to Remain £1000 – £1250 plus VAT
British Citizenship – Naturalisation £1000 – £1250 plus VAT
British Citizenship – Naturalisation – £800 plus VAT               (Child)

EU Settled Status

Simple Application £300 plus VAT
Complex Cases £800 plus VAT
EEA Family Permit (Settlement) £600 – £1,500 plus VAT
Residence Card Applications £600– £1,500 plus VAT

Point Based Applications

Tier 1 £1,400 – £4,500
Tier 2 £5,500 – £4,500
Tier 3 £1,500 – £2,500
Tier 4 £1,500 – £2,500

UK Businesses

Sole Representative of an Overseas Business £3,500 plus VAT
Sponsorship Licence £3500 plus VAT (non subsidiary companies)*
* additional fees may apply for travel costs

Long Residence

Indefinite stay after Ten Year in the UK £1,400 plus VAT
Indefinite stay after 20 year unlawful and/or lawful stay in the UK £1,750 plus VAT

Appeals, Asylum, Detention and Deportation:

Appeals against Home Office Refusal £2800 – £3200 plus VAT
Asylum Pre-Decision £1500 (plus additional fees for representation at Home Office interview)
Fresh Claim £1250 – £1800
Asylum Appeal £2800 – £3200*
Settlement applications for adult dependent relatives £1,500
Refugee Family Reunion £900 (plus £300 for each additional dependent)
Deportation Advice / Application £1,500
Deportation Appeal £2800 – £3200*
Bail Application £1500*
Judicial Review £2,000 – £6,000
* additional fees may apply if hearing is listed outside London

Application for Regularisation of Stay – overstayers

Application for Regularisation of stay- Overstayers
Human Rights Applications (Private Life) £1,500 plus VAT
Family life as parent/Partner £1,500 plus VAT
Compassionate circumstances £1,750 plus VAT
Reconsideration applications to Home Office £750 plus VAT

All other Services

Visit Visas Hourly Rate £250 plus VAT
British Passport Applications £150 plus VAT
Travel Document Applications- £350 plus VAT
Schengen Visa £350 plus VAT


Please note that where applicable the above fees include:

  • Considering documents
  • Client appointments as necessary
  • Taking instructions and providing advice
  • Preparing and submitting application and supporting documents
  • Advising clients on timelines and the outcome of their application


Please note all fees quoted are excluding VAT and Home Office fees.  VAT is payable at 20% for all in country applications. If you are resident overseas vat is not payable.


Please note that the prices quoted below do not include additional costs that may be incurred on your matter. Any such fees can include the following. You will be notified of such fees or anticipated fees at the start of your matter:

  • Appeal fees
  • Counsels Fees
  • Home Office fee – (click here for Home Office Fees)
  • Immigration Health Surcharge – NHS Surcharge (details here)
  • Immigration Skills Charge
  • Independent Expert Reports
  • Independent Medical Reports
  • Interpreter/Translation Fees
  • Scanning Fee £75.00 per application
  • Archiving/storage fee – £50 +VAT
  • PII insurance contributions fee – £50+VAT


The time scale from inception of the file to completion for each immigration application will mainly depend on the processing times by the UK Border Agency or Home Office. We aim to process your file and application and prepare it for submission within 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of your case. Although the UK Border Agency and Home Office provide guidelines on the waiting times or processing times, there are many cases where an application take much longer for them to process or make decision. Therefore, it is difficult to give a precise timescale. However, we recommend you refer to the UK Border Agency and Home Office websites for their estimated turnaround times for further information. An estimated time scale for each service we offer is as follows but please bear in mind these can vary on a case by case basis:

Nationality 2-3 months
Registration as British Citizen as a child under 18 Outside the UK: 5-6 months Inside the UK: 2-3 months
EEA law settlement scheme and pre-settlement scheme 4-6 weeks
ECAA Application in the UK (Ankara Agreement) 4-6 weeks
ECAA Application in the UK (Ankara Agreement) 6-8 Weeks Outside the UK
Extend your leave or settle in the UK as a partner or parent of a dependent child 2-3 Months
Apply for a travel document 4-6 weeks
Entry clearance for spouse or fiancée visa 2 months (expedite service available)
All visitor visa 2-4 weeks
Application remains in the UK under your family life or private life 2-3 months
Human Right Appeals (Hourly Rate of £200.00 plus VAT per hour) Variable
Administrative Review 1-2 months
General Immigration Appeals Tribunal Review Variable