Commercial Conveyancing

Buying a business? Selling a business? Leasing a shop, restaurant, off-licence or other commercial premises?


We use our extensive experience in the commercial property sector to advise clients on all types of commercial property transactions.

As well as assisting clients with straightforward commercial freehold or leasehold purchases and sales, we advise clients on wide range of commercial agreements such as partnership agreements, option agreements, legal charges and guarantee documents.

We also act for landlords and tenants in lease renewals, leasehold disputes including recovery of rent arrears, enforcement of lease covenants, forfeiture and peaceful repossession.

We can help and act for business tenants in the following transactions:

    • Purchase of Commercial Freehold Property
    • Purchase of Commercial Leasehold Property
    • Sale of Commercial Freehold Property
    • Sale of Commercial Leasehold Property
    • Lease Transfers or Assignments
    • Business Transfers or Assignments
    • Renewal and Ending of Commercial Leases
    • Negotiating a new Lease
    • Lease Drafting Service
    • Lease Transfers or Assignments
    • Lease Renewal
    • Rent Review
    • Grant of Licence to Assign
    • Advice to Landlords and Tenants

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