Immigration & Asylum

We have a team of specialist immigration lawyers based in North London. We specialise in all aspects of UK immigration, nationality and asylum law and have a proven track record of delivering

Our team of solicitors are fully conversant with all aspects of the UK Immigration rules and stay abreast of the latest developments. We combine our expertise and practical experience and offer a bespoke approach tailored to meet with the specific needs of our clients.

Prior to carrying out any work we will advise you on the costs and the disbursements. For further information, please click on the following link – Immigration Pricing

How long it will take?

It will take up to 1 – 4 weeks to prepare your application and supporting documents. Once everything has been prepared, we would then arrange an appointment with you to go through your application and submit your application to the home office.

A decision will usually be made on your application within 6 months. However, you will be contacted if your application is complex and will take longer, for example if:

  • your supporting documents need to be verified
  • you need to attend an interview
  • you have a criminal conviction

What we will do for  you?

We will do the following:

  • advise on what is the best route to take in your circumstances and the Immigration Rules and requirements
  • provide you with a list of supporting documents which the Home Office require that will support your application.
  • Prepare statements in support of your application should it be required in support of your application (additional costs information will be given in advance).
  • prepare a cover letter for Home Office
  • prepare your application
  • advise you on the positives and negatives of your application and what likely outcome will be prior to submitting your application
  • submit your application
  • upload your supporting documents on the system
  • arrange your biometric appointment on the most suitable date for you
  • correspond on your behalf with the Home Office should they have any questions and keep you up to date with the progress of your application
  • Advise you on any further steps which will need to be taken in your matter
  • In the unlikely event your application is refused, we will advise you on the next steps which will need to be taken and whether you have prospects to make any other application or appeals.

Further information and resources

Notwithstanding with the above, please visit the link herewith Visa processing times: applications outside the UK – GOV.UK ( there are also options such as faster track with SOME applications Get a faster decision on your visa or settlement application: Applying for a faster decision – GOV.UK ( see further details in the link provided.

We have helped many with a wide range of immigration advice, including:

    • Ankara Agreement
    • British Citizenship
    • Family reunion for spouses, civil partnerships, unmarried partner, children and elder applications)
    • Marriage, student, visit and employment Visas
    • European Applications
    • Removal or deportation matters
    • Bail applications
    • Applications outside the usual Immigration Rules under UK Border Agency policies and concessions, and for the exercise of discretion
    • Immigration Appeals
    • Judicial Review
    • Human Rights & overstayers
    • Asylum applications
    • Schengen Visas

Immigration Solicitors in London

As specialist immigation solicitors in London, we provide expert immigration advice and representation concerning all types of UK visas and immigration matter.

Please call us on 0203 489 7010 for more advice