Residential Conveyancing

We have a Professionally efficient, friendly and reliable conveyancing services who can provide an expert advice for anybody who is buying a residential house, freehold or leasehold property.

Whether you are buying a property for the first time or you are an experienced investor in the buy to let market, you can rely on us to make your transaction straightforward, coherent and simple for you.

We will tailor our services to your needs, so you can rest assured we will find the best solution for you. Our policy is to provide our clients with a fast, professional and personal service.

You can therefore be confident that when you instruct our highly experienced and trusted team you will be getting the best possible support throughout your transaction.


Freehold/Leasehold Sale transactions

  • We will advise you fully and correctly throughout the course of the transaction.
  • Prepare contract pack documentations and issue these to your Buyer’s Solicitors.
  • Obtain the leasehold sales pack from your landlord/managing agent and submit these to the Buyers solicitors.
  • Deal with enquiries raised by the Buyers Solicitors.
  • Approve the transfer and/or any other relevant documentation required.
  • Prior to exchange of contracts, we will report you of the same and once you confirm exchange and completion dates you can provide signatures to the documentations we will deal with exchanging of the contract once we have obtained redemption figure to redeem your mortgage (if applicable).
  • We will deal with completion and redemption of any existing mortgages.


Freehold/Leasehold Purchase transactions

  • We will advise you fully and correctly throughout the course of the transaction.
  • Once we receive the contract pack from the Sellers solicitors we will examine the information and advise you accordingly. [Contract pack includes for example, property information form, fittings and contents form and if the property is leasehold, a leasehold information form and full management information. The contract papers will also contain evidence from land registry that the seller is the legal owner of the property].
  • Once payment of the searches are received by yourself, we will submit the searches and raise any pre-contract enquiries that need to be raised.
  • Report you onto the mortgage offer received by your mortgage company if applicable.
  • Draft transfer and if approved by the seller send them engrossed Transfer.
  • Upon receiving satisfaction responses from the sellers solicitor we shall report back to you with respect to the property and if leasehold again report you on the lease terms. Once you are happy with the report and raise any further enquiries you may have we will respond back to you.
  • If joint owner- we will advise you on joint ownership.
  • Once we have your signatures on the final contract, transfer and mortgage deed and deposit /completion funds we shall arrange exchange and submit our certificate to receive the funds from the mortgage if applicable and then complete the matter.
  • Dealing with post completion such as dealing with submission of Stamp Duty Land Tax, registration at the land registry and if leasehold deal with registration with landlord and/or managing company if applicable.


Re-mortgage transactions

  • We will advise you fully and correctly throughout the course of the transaction.
  • We will obtain title documents.
  • We will carry out the relevant searches.
  • We will liaise with your current lender and request redemption statement.
  • We shall report you on the new terms of your mortgage offer.
  • Attend Completion and redeem the existing mortgage.
  • Register new mortgage deed with HMLR and if leasehold provide notice of charge to the freeholder/managing agent.


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We can offer advice in the following areas:
  • Freehold Sales

  • Freehold Purchases

  • Leasehold Sales

  • Leasehold Purchases

  • Transfer of Equity

  • Remortages

  • Right to Buy

  • Shared Ownership & Lease Extensions

  • Probate Sales

  • Auction Sales and Purchases

  • Auction Sales and Purchases

  • Grant of new Leases

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